Download Nuclias Connect for Windows
Windows 10 Pro / Windows server 2016 (64 bit)

Download Nuclias Connect for Linux
  • Ubuntu Cosmic 18.10 / Bionic 18.04 (LTS) / Xenial 16.04 (LTS)
  • CentOS 7
Docker Hub Installation
You may enter your preferred MongoDB username and password to generate the specific command for setup.
Username :
Password :
Tarball Installation
Direct URL :

Download Nuclias Connect app
Getting Started
Learn how to easily download, install, log in and setup Nulcias Connect software-based centralized management for the first time.
How to install on Linux
In this video we show you the 10 simple steps to follow to install D-Link's FREE downloadable centralized management software - Nuclias Connect on Linux.
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